Le Bambole: Through the Eyes of Dolls

I contain the blood of many faces, of Irish, Italian, Welsh and Venezuelan ancestors. Born and raised in South Wales, my childhood memories consist of endless summers spent in Northern Italy, with my paternal Grandparents, where stories of ancient histories and family tales inspired a sense of belonging that struck deep to my core.

This unique collection of dolls (le bambole) belong to my grandmother, Nonna and remain sealed, airtight in darkness in her now empty home in Cles, Italy. An accumulation of meticulous salvaging work that began when her children left-home, these dolls (totalling 300) are embellished with jewellery inherited from my female ancestors. Sharing an exaggerated honour within our family tree I imagine them to be the multiple faces that share too, the blood in my veins.

Le Bambole: Through the Eyes of Dolls is the outcome of a postgraduate Masters degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport.